frequently asked questions


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Am I fit enough to do this camp?

Our courses are designed to suit all fitness levels so everyone is fit enough as you all have your own starting point to improve from.

Will I need a doctor's certificate/Insurance to join the boot camp?

Everyone fills out a health questionnaire before booking is confirmed and advice will be given to clients who require a doctor’s note. Insurance covered is included in the price through Be your Best Bootcamp.

How many people will be on the camp?

There will be up to a maximum of 15 participants on each camp.

Do I need to bring special clothing/sports equipment?

Once you place you booking, you will be sent out a booking pack and in there will be a list of what to bring. There are no special clothing requirements apart from trainers, waterproof trousers and jacket. Comfort is the most important factor.

What can I realistically achieve in my 5 day stay?

All participants will gain positive results from our camp. How much weight loss is dependant on your size, fitness level and how much effort you put in on our camp. Everyone will lose some weight, fitness will improve and also you will tone up and change shape.

Will the boot camp be cancelled if the weather is bad?

It is very unlikely the camp will be cancelled due to bad weather. Skye weather can be unpredictable and instructors are prepared for all conditions and are also used to braving the elements. If camps are cancelled clients are entitled to a refund or a replacement camp date in which to attend.

What activities can I expect to be doing?

Take a look at our ‘typical day at camp’ above and check out our photo gallery. Some activities will be adapted or may be replaced due to weather conditions, instructor qualifications etc.

What if I can't do a certain activity?

All activities are designed so everyone can participate. If an individual is finding any activity particularly difficult we can alter it to an easier version.

Will there be mixed sex groups?

Be Your Best bootcamps courses are non- mixed sex. We offer ‘men only’courses and ‘women only’ courses.

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