About us

About us About Us

Our team of fitness professionals is led by experienced instructor Fiona Kirkpatrick.

Fiona has her own gym in Portree and has taken over 5000 classes covering a wide sector of groups including toddlers; teenagers; adults; senior citizens and people with disabilities. The classes have included tuition in circuits; boxercise; aquasize; gym training; cheerleading; aerobics; step; outdoor activities and bootcamps.

'We have been running local boot camps since 2007 and the results have been incredible. I have had hundreds of  men and women on our courses, all of whom have got their desired results. Fitness is not just a job, if it was just a job, it would be boring, it is a way of life for me and I actually get nervous and excited at every clients weigh- in as I am so determined for them to continue getting results. I have encouraged people to change their lifestyles through attending my boot camps and I have had many people change shape so dramatically that their friends are left amazed. It is the most rewarding job in the world and my only wish is that I can continue improving peoples lifestyles for many years to come'. (Fiona Kirkpatrick)

Lorna Mackinnon has recently completed her Gym Instructors course in addition to gaining experience assisting Fiona with the running of Boot camps on the Isle of Skye with huge success.

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