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We pride ourselves on our realistic menu. We do not starve you on our Boot camp, in fact, you will find it the very opposite.

You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner and also enjoy a snack mid morning. Dinner consists of two courses and you will even enjoy a pudding before your week is through.

After five days of calorie controlled meals your first more usual home size meal could be stored very quickly, resulting in weight gain. However our healthy eating plan is devised to be realistic and achievable encouraging you to eat sensible portions, which as long as it is combined with exercise, will keep you fit and healthy and keep your weight balanced.

Our eating plan encourages your metabolism to speed up ensuring weight loss and is a realistic system that you can keep to in your everyday life. Be Your Best Boot camp is the kick start to a permanent, healthier lifestyle.


Linda and Jenny, who form our nutrition team, own an award winning establishment which is the result of like-minded people who share a passion for good food and 50 years of experience. They have devised an incredible menu bursting with flavour and exciting ingredients which has a low calorie and fat content.

'Between us we have devised a menu packed with local produce such as sea food and venison without compromising flavours. We wanted to use local produce where possible so clients on the boot camp get to sample Skye cuisine, there is such a large selection of fantastic products within the island itself. A healthy eating plan does not have to consist of boring ingredients. We both relish in the challenge of keeping our menu delicious but effective and it is a pleasure seeing clients surprised faces when we tell them what they are eating is actually part of a controlled healthy eating program. Everyone loves our menu so we are just delighted to be getting it right and for people to be getting such impressive results.' (Linda Thomson)

'I could not believe the menu was actually healthy. It was without doubt the nicest food I have ever tasted. From the salmon to the foam pudding (which I was dubious of - Pudding on Boot camp!) and I lost 6lb in my 5 day stay. Well done to Linda and Jenny your restaurant is a credit to you and the friendly, cosy atmosphere was the perfect unwind from the adventures of the day.'

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